Crimson Peak [Enregistrements sonores (musical)] / Fernando Velazquez

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Enregistrements sonores (musical)
La baleine
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Edith's theme My mother's funeral Buffalo After the ghost Soft hands Mcmichael Valse sur une berceuse anglaise Ghost i Desesparatedly need your help The butterfly Optician Return to your ghosts Allerdale hall The house What was that Lullaby variation The book The attic Ghost ii I have to get away from here Letter from italy I'm here The machine / the box Bubbling up Key's chase You didn't drink your tea The gramophone You are awake Let me help you We stay together / mcmichaels arrives I know who you are Lucille & showdown Finale End credits
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DisponibleDisponible 1er étage - Discothèque Adultes 520 CRI CD